Friday, October 6, 2017

Week 6 Debrief

Post Critique Week!

Overall, I'm really happy with how my paper sculpture turned out. Developing a solid concept early on and not deviating from it, even when I ran into issues, helped me to stay focused and on track throughout the entire process of creating this piece. I feel it had a good read in both light and in the dark. I didn't get as much suggested motion as I had planned to originally but I don't feel like it was static in any way. 

The only things I felt needed more work were the overall stability, which was a concern from the beginning, and the "fullness" underneath the cap of the jellyfish. The graphic work on the outer cap may have benefited from more complexity and some light splashes of color on the very bottom rim. 

Given a chance to do this again I would certainly consider going larger in scale and perhaps finding a way to tilt the cap and suspend the tendrils in a way that suggested the jellyfish was in motion, undulating and propelling itself upwards. One person during critique suggested using this as a model for my exit show and creating a room full of these pieces which I will certainly be putting some thought to. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Week 5 Debrief

This week I got the main forms of my paper sculpture processed and cut/drawn.

I decided to pick the first design for the dome of my jellyfish because I thought it would give it a more professional or "fine art" feel.

I was worried about the machine eating up the tiny lines of filigree on the inside of the form so I decided to just have the machine draw it out and hand cut only the outer edges of the form. Later, I will cut a line into each niche (between the bumps) to allow each section to curve downward more smoothly. I plan to use a light water color paint on the edges to add interest but I need to test the durability of the material I printed on to make sure it doesn't warp or disintegrate. I plan to create some fullness and interest underneath the dome by adding more hand cut/shaped paper but not too much as to cover up the inner light source completely.

The bottom part was sort of a gamble but I was able to get it successfully cut with the CNC. I am also planning to paint the bottom edges of each one of these forms so they won't get lost against what will most likely wind up being a light background when I secure my installation spot (which I still need to do). I've played with the idea of adding thinner, more simplified tentacle-like shapes beneath these but I won't be sure if it will look right until I have everything put together. 

Overall I feel good with where I am at and what direction the sculpture is going in. My primary remaining concerns consist of:
  • Overall stability
  • Avoiding "flatness" in structure 
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Securing an installation area

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Week 4 Debrief

This week I came up with two options for the top part of my jellyfish design and one solid design for the bottom. I will  most likely add a few more paper details after the main forms are done. May be painted depending on the durability of the paper used. 

Option 1: More stylized and follows realistic patterning. 

Option 2: Will create more interesting shadows. Cutting will be more simplified than Option 1. 

* May need more than one sheet of this design. *

Still need to consider: 
  • Medium
  • Light Source
  • How/Where to hang ( Think about stability! )
  • Overall dimensions

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Week 3 Debrief

This week I got my print done on the CNC.

I am overall happy with the way it turned out though it was scaled down a bit smaller than I had anticipated. In the future I will try to double check things for scale especially if they have fine line details and thin spacing like this one did.

I have a few ideas for the first project. The first concept is a large paper jellyfish suspended by strings of some sort and the second is a succession circular scenes cut into one side of multiple pieces of paper, decreasing in size from the center circle to the outside circle. Both of them involve playing around with lighting. I'm really interesting in creating a lot of intricate shadows which will require particular consideration for my material type and light source. I have a small, lightweight string of led lights that would work well with light material like paper but I'm not sure if the intensity is what I'm looking for. I'm playing around with the idea of cutting specific shapes and patterns into the jellyfish tentacles to get a lot of cool shadows and also to get a little more out of the CNC.

Over the weekend I'm going to try to look at paper art tutorials and possibly create some simplified maquettes of my main concepts just to get an idea of what's feasible when I go large scale.